The #1 obstacle holding you back is not more information. 

There is plenty of that…

It's mindset, tools, and getting yourself to  confidently, and consistently take action.

It's not just what you know…

It's how you feel about what you know, how you feel about yourself - and the courage and drive you have to make it happen.

That's probably why you've encountered great insights in the past, but weren't able to fully take advantage of them.

Your Silent and Deadly Killer

There is a saying that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Most men go there entire life without ever realizing their full potential because they simply don’t believe they deserve to.  Or they don’t have the self esteem to believe that they can achieve it.

Whether you realize it or not, your underlying feelings about yourself are the first thing a woman notices.

If you live in a silent unrelenting fear, she can see it on your face.  She can sense whether or not you’ve got a source of masculine power inside you... or if you’re still a timid little boy.

And she can tell instantly whether or not you really believe you deserve to be with a girl like her.

You can't fake it.

What you feel internally radiates outward.  You can't mask it.  You can't hide it. 

If you feel full of insecurity, self doubt, anxiety, or nervousness... a woman immediately recognizes this... and worse, she begins to experiences these emotions herself.

She quickly associates you with these awkward and uncomfortable feelings. 

And knows instantly that you're not in her league, and you are definitely NOT the kind of guy that can satisfy her emotionally, mentally, or sexually. 

In fact, it nearly impossible for a woman to feel sexual attraction to a man who is not comfortable in his own skin.

On the other hand, when you feel confident, enthusiastic, energetic, and powerful...those feelings will radiate outward.  And the woman will not only see you as a charismatic man... she will also feel a warm glow just being around you.

Confidence and enthusiasm are contagious.  And magnetic.  And women are drawn to men who possess these traits.

And it all comes down to your self esteem.

Signs you might be suffering from low self-esteem:

    You can’t get over the fear making that first move, whether it be talking to her, getting her number, or taking it to a more physical stage…

     You are self-conscious around beautiful women and just can’t seem to be yourself… and instead come off as ‘boring’ or ‘platonic’ 

     You feel like you have nothing to offer a woman and can’t understand why she would be attracted to you…

     You rely on alcohol as a ‘crutch’ to talk to girls… and the thought of approaching or hooking up with a girl sober… makes you uncontrollably nervous….

Fortunately, I have defeated those challenges for you.



The Self Esteem Bootcamp:  8 Week Blueprint for Self Esteem, Rock Solid Confidence, & the Courage to Take Risks…

This "mindset and resource" training is usually cost $297. But today I want to offer it to you for 1/3 of the normal price.

Because I know that without it your 'internal issues' might keep you struggling to attract women, and that would be a shame since you were so close

10 years ago the thought of walking up to a beautiful woman and starting a conversation with her would send my complete body into a nervous mess…

I was so shy and inexperienced with women that I became a master of making excuses to avoid them. 

Over the past 10 years I have made it my personal mission to overcome this challenge and achieve rock-solid self-confidence.  

And in the last couple years I’ve gotten there.

And now I want to share with you the tactics, tips, and techniques that I’ve personally used to overcome shyness, force myself outside my comfort zone, feel comfortable talking to women, and transform myself into a fun, outgoing guy…filled with unstoppable confidence.

This 8 Week Program Includes:

Week 1:  No More Excuses
week 1


In this module you’ll learn....

• A simple formula I learned to always take right action

• I’ll take you step by step and show you how to develop 100% responsibility for yourself…

• How to create the foundation of rock solid inner game.

Plus action exercises to make this a natural part of you

Week 2:  Playing to Win
week 2

In this module you’ll learn....

• How to push yourself outside your comfort zone

• How to completely eliminate your fear of rejection

• How take the necessary risks to succeed with women

Plus action exercises to make this a natural part of you


Week 3: A ‘Natural’s’ Framework
week 3

In this module you’ll learn....

• How ‘naturals’ view women, and how you can change your framework to see them in this same way. 

• How to stop being held back by your past

• How to “instantly” get on the same “level” as a woman

Plus action exercises to make this a natural part of you


Week 4:  Banishing Insecurity
week 4

In this module you’ll learn...

•How to completely eliminate insecurities and self doubt

•How to Instill two “core” beliefs to install for rock solid confidence

This week we will take all of your insecurities, self-doubts, and negative beliefs and completely eliminate them… leaving you cool, comfortable, and charismatic.

Plus action exercises to make this a natural part of you


Week 5:  The ‘Heroes’ Code
week 5

How to create an ‘internal code’ for yourself that makes it habitual to always:

• Approach women without over thinking it

• Make a move

• Keep the dominant frame of an interaction

Plus action exercises to make this a natural part of you


Week 6:  Sell Yourself
week 6

In this module you’ll learn...

• How to feel comfortable standing out from the crowd,

• How to always go after what you want,

• How to become more aggressive and assertive about fulfilling your desires.

Plus action exercises to make this a natural part of you


Week 7:  Getting in ‘the Zone’
week 7

In this module you’ll learn...

• How to stay completely in the moment

• Never get stuck in your head, or spend time worrying what she might be thinking

• How to always be in a state of “flow”

This will literally transform you into a more fun, outgoing, and charismatic guy.

Plus action exercises to make this a natural part of you


Week 8:  The Alpha Attitude
week 8

In this module you’ll learn...

• How to embrace your ‘inner alpha’

• How to unleash that ‘caveman’ inside you that women are biologically programmed to be attracted to

• How to permanently kill your “nice guy” tendencies

Plus action exercises to make this a natural part of you

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