Is Neediness, Nervousness, Fear and Self-Doubt Destroying Your Chances with Women?

Then It's Time to FINALLY Take Control of Your Emotions… Unleash Your Masculine Power… Develop

"Unshakeable Inner Game"....

...And Transform Yourself into the Naturally Attractive, Confident, and Powerful Man That a Woman Desperately Craves...

Let me ask you something...

Have you ever been in "emotional quicksand" over a woman?

HINT: The answer is probably YES…

Because it’s the common denominator among men who "screw up" important situations with a girl…

What is "Emotional Quicksand" ?

It’s when you lose the ability to control your own emotions… And you walk around for days or weeks trying to get control of yourself..

…You can’t stop thinking about her, talking about her, WORRYING about her…

AND the worst part is….

The entire time KNOWING that being OUT of control is making her LESS interested
in you (but not being able to do a damn thing about it)…

I call it "Emotional Quicksand"
Because You're SINKING…

The problem is when you're sinking, your emotions have completely taken over and they NEVER make the right decisions for you.

They'll convince you to send a "needy" or "desperate" text message to her...

They'll talk you into sending her flowers or buying her a gift (even though logically you know it never works).

They'll prevent you from starting a conversation with a woman (because you've got her on such a "pedestal" she scares the crap out of you)...

They'll have you "overreact" to one of her "tests" (and show her that you're not as cool and confident as you're pretending to be.)

See, whether you realize it or not, women are constantly "testing" men to see if the man is for "real"...

Or if its just an "act"...

When you don't have FULL CONTROL over yourself, its’ nearly impossible to pass these subtle tests...

Why You Keep “Messing Up
with the Women You Really Like

When you're in this state, you will NEVER make the RIGHT MOVE with a woman.

Did you read that?

Read it again:

When you're in "emotional quicksand" you will NEVER make the right move with a woman.

This is because you've attached your "self-worth" to her.

You might not realize it...

You might convince yourself that she's 'special', 'the one', or that you have some sort of connection with her, that is missing from other girls...

But here's the truth:

When a woman sends you into "emotional quicksand" it’s because you're projecting your "self-worth" onto HER...

"Getting her" becomes about boosting your own ego and filling your own void.

And women can sense this.

Women Can Sense When You Have
No Control Over Yourself…

She can sense that you've lost control... (and its a HUGE turn off.)

She can sense that she has the ability to manipulate you, own you, and destroy you...

Here's a fact:

She does NOT want to destroy you.

That is the REAL reason she runs from you...

She's SCARED that you're so fragile she will wind up hurting you inadvertently...

This is why "neediness" is such a powerful attraction killer.

Because it puts too much responsibility on the woman.

She doesn't want to be the source of your happiness or the main focus of your life...

She wants to be the "cheerleader" for a man on a journey to his own destination...

She doesn't want to be HIS destination...

And she certainty doesn't want a "weak" man that puts less value on himself than he does on her...

The Silent and Deadly Killer of
Most Potential Relationships…

There is a saying that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Most men go their entire life without ever realizing their full potential because they simply don’t believe they deserve to.

Or they don’t have the self-confidence to believe that they can achieve it.

Whether you realize it or not, your underlying feelings about yourself are the first thing women notice.

If you live in a silent, unrelenting fear, she can see it on your face.

She can sense whether or not you’ve got a source of "masculine power" inside you... or if you’re still a timid little boy.

And she can tell instantly whether or not you really believe you DESERVE to be with a woman like her.

You Can’t Fake

A lot of men think you can 'fake' self -confidence.

But you can’t.

What you feel "internally" radiates outward.

You can't mask it.

You can't hide it.

If you feel full of insecurity, self-doubt, anxiety, or nervousness... a woman immediately recognizes this...

…And worse, she begins to experience these SAME emotions herself.

She quickly associates YOU with these "awkward" and "uncomfortable" feelings that you project around her.

And she knows instantly that you're not in her "league", and you are definitely NOT the kind of guy that can satisfy her emotionally, mentally, or sexually.

In fact, it nearly impossible for a woman to feel “sexual attraction” to a man who is not comfortable in his own skin.

What a
Woman REALLY Wants

On the other hand, when you feel confident, enthusiastic, energetic, and powerful...

Those feelings will radiate outward.

And the woman will not only see you as a "charismatic man"... she will also feel a warm glow just being around you.

Confidence and enthusiasm are contagious.

And magnetic.

And women are drawn to men who possess these traits.

Is that You?

If not, chances are you’re suffering from low self-confidence around women

Does Any of This Sound
‘Eerily Familiar’ to You?

Here are some signs you're suffering from low self-confidence around women...

After coaching men for over 12 years now, I've come to the conclusion that almost EVERY problem a man has in his dating life comes down to his level of "self-confidence" and "inner game".

What most men don’t realize is that “inner game” is even MORE IMPORTANT than your “outer game.”

Why “Inner Game”
Comes Before
“Outer Game” …


I want to let you in on a little secret...

Are you ready?

In order to have power and control in your relationships with women…

You have to have power and control over YOURSELF first…

For instance, you must know:

The answer is simpler than you think:

Take Full Control of
Your Mind and Emotions…

Seriously, that’s it.

Once a woman senses that you're not dependent on her approval and you're not afraid to lose her…

You’ll set yourself apart so much from other guys, she'll literally CHASE you till your hers…

Why? Because…

Guys with unshakeable inner game and rock-solid self-confidence are incredibly rare.

If you group any 100 men together, chances are, 80% of them will be the typical "nice guy" who puts women on a pedestal and has no control of his emotions around her...

That's why the 20% of men who aren't dependent on a woman's approval or positive attention GET ALL THE WOMEN.

That's why I created a program
I desperately want to share with you...

The "Inner Game" Blueprint:
"Reprogram Yourself with Masculine Power"

This is the most advanced "inner game" mastery program I've ever created...

And its all based on the exact tactics and techniques I’ve used in my own life, and have taught to dozens of my personal clients over the past 12 years…

And I'm only making it available to friends on this unique journey to eliminate 'nice guy' behavior and take control of your dating life...

Because I know that you're the kind of guy who's serious about demonstrating UNSHAKEABLE "inner game" that radiates a cool, attractive vibe...

Here's a taste of what you'll get in this training program:



Owning Your Life

This is a foundational program- so you quickly build the attitudes and behaviors that project unshakeable inner game around women.

The first step towards this is OWNING YOUR LIFE.

In this module you'll discover:

  • A simple formula to take complete control of your life (so that you're in the driver seat) and when a woman meets you, she recognizes that you're a man of action and integrity that she makes her want to go along for your ride.
  • How to stop making "excuses" (which is a "low value" trait) and learn to enjoy doing the things you fear or find uncomforta
  • How to stop rationalizing your "Nice guy" behavior
  • How to make sure you don't make the same mistake twice, always take "right action" and avoid the "attraction killing" behaviors you've displayed in the past
  • How to eliminate a "victim mentality" that is a HUGE turn off to women (You can never 'guilt' a woman into liking you more)

And more… a LOT more. This module will help you quickly build the foundation to be unshakeable "inner game".



Playing "the game" to Win

90% of the men I coach suffer from something I call "playing not to lose" instead of "playing to win"...

If you've ever wound up in the friend Zone with a girl, chances are its because you were more concerned with avoiding rejection or embarrassment, than you were with 'making a move'...

If you've ever talked yourself out of going for the kiss after a good date, asking a woman for her number, or inviting her back to your place...

You were NOT playing to win.

In this module, you'll discover how to shift your mindset and behavior so that you're constantly playing the game to win (instead of worrying about losing).

You'll learn:

  • How to recognize the "crucial moments" that reveal to a woman how masculine and experienced you really are. (And why, when you blow these moments, you rarely get a second chance)
  • How to get more comfortable with taking "risks" with women, going for it, and believing you'll make things happen with her (hint: if you believe it, she will too)
  • My 5 most powerful techniques for "reframing rejection" so you actually begin to look forward to it (and thrive from it)
  • How to project "confidence" asking a woman for WHAT YOU WANT
  • My "Always be Escalating" mindset (and how to drill it into your mind so that you don't fumble the ball when it times to get physical with a woman)
  • Strategies for overcoming what I call "Content Idleness" where you convince yourself its not worth the effort to go for what you want or can't find the motivation to make your move.
  • Develop a set of "personal standards" that tells you if you're deviating into "nice guy" territory (and how to counterbalance when you do)

And way more than I can list here. After you finish this module you'll never "settle" for anything less than winning the game on your terms.



"Naturals Frame"

Let's face it-- some men are just "naturals" with women. Its like they instinctively know what to do to create attraction...

And I spent 20+ years studying the attitudes, behaviors, and mindsets of these "naturals", and I identified the REAL reason behind their success.

And it all comes down to HOW THEY VIEW WOMEN.

You'll find out about:

  • The Us vs Them Framework - and how you stop seeing women as intimating creatures that you should be scared of or walk on eggshells around, and actually see them as "one of us"
  • How our well-meaning friends and family members unknowingly influenced the way we look at women (and how to begin "modeling" new, more successful behaviors from "naturals")
  • Overcome "The Incident" - how to identify specific incidents from your past that are like chains holding you, and cause you to keep making mistakes that drive women
  • Get inside the mind of a woman- an exercise that allows you to see situations through a woman's eyes, so you can see the exact behavior that will win her over (and the behavior that will make her cringe with disappointment)

Seriously, when you begin to view women the same way as "naturals" you begin to let go of the programming that tells you they are "different" or something to be feared...



Banish "Ugly" Insecurity

Do you know what the opposite of a self confident man is?

A man hindered by "insecurities" and "self doubt"...

Almost all "ugly" behavior you might be unknowingly displaying to a woman stems from hidden insecurities you have...

When you think you're not good enough for a woman, won't satisfy her in bed, or don't make enough money to make her happy...

These insecurities creep out, and foster needy and unattractive behaviors, that push women away (even when she initially liked you)

So in this module will bring these "hidden insecurities" to the surface, and banish them for good.

You'll discover:

  • 9 strategies to kill hidden insecurities so that you can finally unleash your true potential with women (and life)
  • How to heal secret "childhood wounds" that make you feel inadequate around girls
  • Develop "Self Trust" - where you intuitively trust that you'll make the right decision with a woman (and stop doubting yourself)
  • Embrace Vulnerability- Confident people are OK projecting vulnerability, and the more you try to hide yours, the less confident you appear. Discover how to embrace and comfortably display vulnerability around women.
  • 2 "Core Beliefs" you need to instill if you want to banish insecurity for good

And that's barely scratching the surface of the exercises you'll learn in this module.

We all have the power to let go of the insecurities holding us back, this module provides you the strategies to do just that.

Next you'll get...



The "Hero's Code"

In this module we begin to develop your own personal "Code" that makes "confident behavior" habitual and routine for you.

I'm talking about:

  • Not talking yourself out of approaching a woman you want to talk to
  • Being "persistent" without an emotional attachment to the outcome
  • Enjoying being outside of your comfort zone with women (saying and doing things you never imagined you could)
  • Switching from "external validation" to "INTERNAL VALIDATION"

When a woman senses the only person you're trying to impress is YOURSELF, she goes crazy chasing you.

This is the "real secret" to becoming the man a woman fights to win over.



SELL Yourself

I can often tell how self-confident a man is by the way he dresses.Why?

Because a man who lacks self-confidence chooses clothes that HIDES HIMSELF and blends in with the crowd.

Whether a woman is scrolling through Tinder or scanning guys at a social event, she notices the MAN that demands to be NOTICED.

Unfortunately, a lot of men rather "hide" in the background and play a "supporting role" in your own life.

We're going to change that in the module.

By the time we're finished you'll

  • Be comfortable standing out from the crowd (and being the guy women can't help but notice and be drawn to
  • Consistently go after what you want (without feeling ashamed of your desire as a man)
  • Become more aggressive and assertive proactively ATTRACTING WOMEN (instead of standing around waiting for a girl to choose you)

Self-confidence is about shamelessly pursuing your desires as a man, and when a woman comes across a guy like this, she's magnetically drawn to being around him.



Getting in
"The Zone"

If you consistently get "stuck in your own head" or find yourself over-analyzing situations instead of freely expressing your personality..

Then I've got you covered in this module....

  • How to stay completely 'in the moment' with a woman (and not get stuck in your own head)
  • The Flow State- Be spontaneous and free around women, a sense of curiosity and enjoyment drives your interaction with her (instead of a need to impress)
  • The Autotelic Personality- Switch from passive observer and over analyzer to enjoy being around women (unattached to the outcome)

When you're in the zone with a woman, you're expressing your own unique personality freely and comfortably, and that's what women fall in love with and chase...

And then finally..



The Alpha Attitude

Finally we're going to instill 10 of the core "alpha male" traits that you might be missing, and causing women to see you as a weak, beta male.

Let go of any preconceived notions of what it means to be "alpha" and dive into this module ready to become more powerful and dominant around women.

  • 10 characteristics of the "Alpha Male"- Embody these traits if you want to give off a dominant, in-charge energy.
  • Non-verbal communication that signals confidence- discover how to project confidence without saying a word.
  • The Anti-Nice Guy Manifesto- Every single 'nice guy' trait that you need to immediately eliminate if you want to be desired and respected by women
  • "The Abundance mindset"- how to display to a woman that you're a man with options, willing to walk away (and how to believe it internally even if your current reality doesn't match it)
  • "Sexual Power" - how to accept the sexual power you have as a man, so that you're seen as the "romantic leader" (up until now you might have been denying it, but its time to embrace it)

And so many more strategies to develop a more alpha persona that signals to a woman that YOU ARE THE PRIZE.

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The “Older Edge”:

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7 Reasons
This Program is Different


This is self-confidence specifically geared toward men's "dating issues".

Unlike general self help or confidence books or training programs, this 8 module courses is entirely about increasing confidence in dating and relationship situations.

So you don't have to worry about generic 'be positive' type advice. Every lesson and exercise you'll do is geared to help you handle yourself better around women.


Includes condensed down, best-of-the-best, tactics and techniques I've discovered on my 20+ year journey of self improvement

The best part is, that the program is interactive. This means it teaches you exercises and tools that you will actually apply AS YOU WATCH IT.

This is NOT theory, this exercise-after-exercise of life changing material. (Yes, that is not hyperbole, handling your "inner game" with women, will affect every other area of your life).


Structured with exercises after every lesson you do on your own:

Unlike dating advice programs where you need a woman to practice the material on... with this training, you can do the self-confidence increasing exercises and techniques from the comfort of your own home.

By the time you’ve finished this program and you’ve finished doing the exercises… you’ll feel confident about your ability to handle yourself in “real” situations with women.


Gets to the CORE of your dating issues

While tactics and strategies are great, the truth is, without improving your "inner game" first, your outer game will always struggle.

On the other hand, the more you focus on building your "inner game" the less tactics and games you need to play with women.


The material connects perfectly with the other dating techniques you're learning from me.

I know first hand, that when a student of mine struggles with implementing material from one of my other courses, it's almost always because his "inner game' is standing in his way.

The entire reason I created this program in the FIRST place is that Inner Game issues must be addressed at the CORE. The changes must come from INSIDE… not from the outside.


It guides you forward in your quest to be Autonomous

The ultimate place a man can be in his life is completely "autonomous" where he is self governing, completely in control of his own destiny, and moving along on a journey that women want to join him on.

This program will get you to the place where women are choosing you from the crowd, and chasing you. And not because you're using lines or techniques, but because they sense you're a high value man.


Shows you how to become the MAN women really want

There is a common saying that "nice guys finish last." However, the saying is not accurate. The reasons most "nice guys" finish last is because they don't have control of their actions and behaviors around women.

When you have total control of yourself, you can be your genuine and authentic self, because that side of you is now NATURALLY ATTRACTIVE...

Once you’ve mastered the materials you’re going to learn inside this program, you will understand how to project confidence… self-assuredness… and comfort in your own skin… and THESE are the qualities and traits that get and KEEP a woman’s attention.

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